Sunday, February 27, 2011

난 괴물이 모든 것을 할 싶어!

Yes. Korean. Once you start listening to the bands...there's no turning back! One song from B2ST is all it took to get me hooked onto "Beautiful" and Lee Gi Kwang and various other Korean bands/artists (SNSD,, etc. etc.)

Anyways, that's besides the point. Well, not really. This blog is about style, right? I love Korean style...oh. Off topic again. Back to the circle (like my Geometry teacher says). My title says "I freaking want to do everything." Yes. Let's list my dreams...

1) to be a super-nice teacher and to give my kids recess all the time (I thought this up in kindergarten)
2) to succeed in guitar. Which isn't happening anytime soon.
3) to lead a supa fly band that can dance and sing awesomely (like SNSD). Nope. Not happening either.
4) to get into the front row of a Fashion Week show. That's gonna happen. Sooner or later.
5) to be valedictorian on my class. Eh...I'm working on it.
6) to be an uber-awesome photographer...I'm not getting one of those fancy cameras though...
7) to be unafraid of spiders and various other creepy-crawlies. My first reaction when I come across a bug: "OH MY GOD! THERE'S A BUG IN FRONT OF ME! GO SMUSH IT BEN! SMUSH IT! SMUUUUUSSSHHHH IIIITTTTTTTTTTT!" (Ben's my 10-year-old brother. How sad is that? He can smush a bug, but I can't? HEY. I just smushed one by stomping on it with my supa-clunky boots. Does that count?)

But after all, one really can't go around giving kids recess while playing guitar and singing in front of ten million screaming fans while jetting around to world to sit in that coveted front row while also working on her ph.D and taking pictures and getting awards for the pictures and at the same time, fearlessly tromp on any bug in my path. I can work on it, though...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

don't give me that crap

Who says that uniforms = conformation & a total snoozefest? Not me. The uniform itself is a snooze and a total "must-lose" but as I'm typing this to you, I'm wearing a maroon polo shirt (one button unbuttoned, that's me, the envelope-pusher!) and a pleated, knee-length navy blue skirt (standard uniform code for junior high girls at my school) ... with striped knee high socks, plaid Converse, a pair of black fingerless gloves with chains and over-sized sequins, four rings (two on my left index finger and the other two on my right ring finger), and a gigantic bow with chains and rhinestones. And did I get in trouble? No.

Obviously, I don't suggest you Catholic school girls doing this and getting in trouble because of this blog post or any other private-school attender or if you attend a school with a strict uniform code. I'm completely against the whole "discreet" code of uniform at my school, but I spiced my day up. And besides, we're eighth graders, we deserve the mercy judging of uniform after all those years of nonstop homework and studying.

sorry bout the bad quality...and no, i use a bigger backpack for school...this one i bring just because it's pretty 
uniform maroon polo shirt, navy blue pleated uniform skirt, Target socks, Hot Topic bow, Aeropostale rings, Claire's gloves, Converse

Speaking of which, I have a science fair project, speech that needs practicing, a history game board that needs designing, a Spanish skit that needs translating, and another Spanish video that needs editing to attend to.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

if you liked it, then you should have put a...

... hat on it. Yes. It's time for Hat of the Day!

Today's hat: a fuzzy little thrifted fedora. (and again, goes completely against all school uniform rules...that I have seemed to miraculously forgotten) This is actually one of my favorite and I do tend to wear this a lot. Even outside of school.

With my new (not really), supa-short haircut though, I discovered that I can't wear my favorite baseball cap otherwise I'll look like a guy. *sad face*

and a little video to brighten your day (feel free to laugh)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

plaid is SO overrated

says the girl who's wearing plaid at the moment.

Whew. For a second there, my camera gave me a scare. As I moved my photos to my desktop, I accidentally closed the window, got distracted by a shiny set on Polyvore, and promptly freaked out. When my dad came to help after I screamed, I realized that I had just closed out the window and, in fact, did not accidentally delete all my hard-taken photos. Yes, it's hard to balance on the head of my bed (rhyme!) and pose in 10-seconds as the self-timer begins to tick. And it took about a whole hour to produce these three photos (one of which is not taken in dangerous situations), but they turned out to be favorites of mine (out of all other pictures I've taken before). Actually, the second picture was taken just as I fell off...curse my lack of balance! (I actually did wear this outfit before - to church, I know, not so traditional - but never took a picture. So I did. Today.)

These were edited using Microsoft Office Picture Manager (came with my laptop) and taken with my same-old, trusty Nikon S8100, slightly-broken tripod, and a handy self-timer. And yes, I'm wearing two different (fingerless, obviously) gloves. One's a purple, mesh one (on the left hand) and the other one's a black one with sequins sewed on and two chains.

Plaid Forever 21 shirt, gray Forever 21 shirt underneath, Papaya necklace, Anchor Blue jeans, two separate pairs of Claire's gloves

And hope all you people are enjoying the cold weather! (I'm not...I'm a summer girl, Mr. Sunshine is my best friend, along with Mrs. Sunscreen, how else do I keep my fair - coughcoughPALEcoughcough - complexion? Besides I hate wearing thick jackets or coats, you can't really do anything about with it, you can't decorate it as much as you can with just shirts and bottoms...but that's just me.)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rainy Day Fun/Boredom...

last night:
...take your pick. It's mostly boredom for me, internet/Twitter-stalking designers, stylists, magazines, and various others and, of course, clothes. In the process of digging up an old shirt for dinner with parents, I just about took every single piece of clothing off of its proper hanger and tossed them on the floor. Lovely image, no? Anyways, this was last night, so the product of hours of messiness + cleaning up was this simple outfit. Which my mother professed to be weird - then added that it worked as a side note.

Hollister thermal shirt, Charlotte Russe vest, Papaya necklace, Refuge jeans, Claire's bracelet
All this rain was getting to my head, so I went out exploring thrift shops (with parent in tow, of course), and came back with a military-ish green backpack that is currently now being adorned with various pins and patches obtained through my mom's jewelry box and my enormous pin collection. Of course, there are all those Girl Scout patches I never bothered to sew onto my vest from 3rd grade...

And I also came back with a pair of shoes for my dinner dance (to match with the simple, appropriate 13-year-old version of a LBD) as I waited out the rain in a store.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Are you sure about this?

YES I AM. So I did it. Finally. I cut my hair to such short proportions, it's been unheard of since I was 5. This time, my hair doesn't even graze my shoulders. Yep. It's that short. And I love it. A lot more than my unmanageable, split-ended longer hair.

The change:

whoops wrong picture. this one's my friend. SMILE!

from a little lady...

to a little punk star...