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Oh gosh. So so so sorry to anybody who might be reading my blog, but I'll be moving to Wordpress in a few days. I'm working on the blog layout and such and I'm such experimenting until I find my comfort zone. Sorry Blogspotters :(

I'll let you know of the link as soon as it's live.


Saturday, April 16, 2011


Ah, I remember my noob days (on a different blog, now nonexistent) when I would post ten times a day with random, stupid nonsense. But I'll make an exception for a two-post day today. GUESS WHY? Because I got the photos! I finally got around to finishing the picture editing (:

ASH: Gap double-breasted pea coat, vintage, unknown brand shirt, Charlotte Russe vest, Anchor Blue jeans, gifted boots (unseen)
ARIELLE: unknown clothing brands :(

ASH: thrifted denim shirt, Forever 21 dress, Forever 21 leggings, Converse
ARIELLE: Mom's Chanel earrings, Madewell scarf, BDG tank top, Madewell cardigan, J Brand jeans, Boutique 9 boots

And thanks to Abigail B. for all the pictures!

As Promised...

My weekly style icon ... CHRISTINA GRIMMIE.

Most of you may know her from YouTube channel and I don't know about you, but I just love her style and voice so here's a few images of her classic (and not teased) hair and outfits

  (haha, blue hair... we have the same taste! I just streaked my hair - temporarily - a few weeks back for a softball game!)

Is is just me or does she look like Jennifer Love-Hewitt here?

{ 1-4: her Facebook ; 5: ; 6: ; 7: }
And my sincerest apologies! I've been so pre-occupied with science fairs, projects, studying, learning Chinese alongside Spanish, and getting ready for a whole bunch of trips that I took a few days to edit the pictures. God, I'm so forgetful, but I promise I'll have them up by tonight or tomorrow afternoon ... if not, definitely Monday.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Webby Award!

Colour Lovers by jillsansjack

Colour Lovers, a photo by jillsansjack on Flickr.
No, not for me. Not yet at least (maybe I'll get one later... just maybe)

Buut... here! A link. OH MY GOSH A LINK.


Vote for COLOURlovers just because you want to vote for something other than Twitter.

Kidding. No. Vote for them because the site's amazing and you will not believe just how many times I've been to that site, looking for images, looking for color palettes. AND I'm still using the site to redecorate the site (which I'm still doing...despite promising myself that I was done)

And if that's not enough to convince you, I'll bring up a few images from the site that really got me. Some may not be from the users, but they put together palettes from the images and it really strikes me as a hardworking community. (look above for images)


Oh and quick note: I just received those pictures from Friday! (yeah... you might wanna see this post to know why my pictures are always so late... silly me)

Image credits
Balloon Wedding Invite
Cool Living Room

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Smile for the camera! (WARNING: LONG POST AHEAD!)

Another inspiration board as I wait for some photos to be emailed to me so I can upload them here (pst: they're a "photo shoot" starring Arielle and me along with a friend...)

Today's theme: COSPLAY. (well...most of it at least...)
Note: I do not watch/read any of these mangas/animes/shows (I know, what kind of an Asian am I?) I just picked them out because they looked amazing. Authors credited. All images from dA

photographer: xxnatto @ dA

My friend emailed me a link about an Australian designer (Ori Henrisson) who was inspired by Korean bands 2NE1 and Big Bang's music video Lollipop for a new line. (from Sept. 2010) [ link ] - all images from here as well

The entire campaign looks creative, fun, and fresh and I'd like to try it on myself (despite the fact that it's a men's line). Without any further ado, here are a few favorites of mine:

The mix of plaid and classic button up shirt is something I've never seen in America before...bring your brand here Ori!

Real men wear ruffles...

Can't forget your ever-classic hoodie

Sweaters turn into shawls...for men as well!

Alrighty. That was fun to look at and to decide which ones were real colors and which ones were just the products of filters of Photoshop or what-have-you. Anyways, referring to my last post, don't think I'm like that all the time. I was just taking some time to vent my feelings so with all that aside, please don't assume that I'll be posting all these rants nonstop. And another reference to the post. Clarisse McClellan. If you haven't read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, I really suggest you pick up a copy of it. It's an amazing book and well-written. It's pretty high on my favorite books to read list. I have to admit, though, I got hooked onto Bradbury's writings through literature class as we had to make a diary based on a character in Fahrenheit 451. I'll post up images later. (Burning is fun...I get where the firemen are coming from!)

And another issue (not really issue, but another...topic): I may be opening up an online shop soon for fashion items. I'm really thinking ahead right now, but I'll test out the waters first on Etsy, if I'm slightly successful, I'll set one up. Why? Because lately I've been making several trips to Michael's and various stores around my house to find art supplies for projects for school and I've picked up other things along the way just so I could have fun with it. And I've come up with clips, pins, boxes, jewelry, and miscellaneous items from my tiny bag of art supplies. out for a link soon!

Is all.
- Ash

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UGH. get an original style, can't you?

Alright, so it's a tad bit early to see whether it's really a copycat or not, but STRAPHANGER WARNING! (read Robyn Schneider's Social Climber's Guide to High School to understand the lingo)

This girl in my school, named C here to stand for "copycatting b***h" and to protect me from any angry possible suing parents, has been copying ... ME. Okay, so I'm flattered, in all the wrong ways possible, wear knee socks for all I care, wear Aeropostale sweaters for all I care, but don't wear the ones that I have all the freaking time, right? Those striped knee socks (first mentioned here, first bought in January) that I got from Target? Oh yeah. C just got them this month. That Aeropostale sweater (first mentioned here, first bought in November) that I got from the outlet? OH YEAH. C got them this month as well. And she's mentioned that she also wants short hair (uh, I cut mine in February) WITH bangs (HEY. I have bangs!)

Maybe I'm just assuming things, but it seems a tad bit suspicious that she has all these things like me. If you just had that Aeropostale sweater & you wore it once, then alright. It's Aeropostale. But after I wear it a million times at school (for a whole week straight, all five days) then C does it, oooh. Suspicion. As well as my socks. Knee socks... Target is overcommercialized and I can understand if you have the same pair, but with the same sweater as me and wanting the same haircut?

And that's not all! My (ex) boyfriend too! I've recently seen her flirting and touching (think clean) my (ex) boyfriend. And I know she knows we were together last year.

I've got my eye on you girl.

edit: just to those who are wondering about my sanity, just know, I'm 14 and I'm insane (if Clarisse McClellan says 17-year-olds are crazy then 14-year-olds are plain old insane. Sorry. Nerdy reference to the best book of all books)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chinatown and what lies within it...

Oh Chinatown. Once you've visited it, there's no going back.

And what kind of an Asian am I, without ever having really visited Chinatown? Today, I decided to take a self-declared break and go on a "Chinatown adventure" with a couple of friends.

First stop: an obscure candy shop where we got a pack of gum for 39 cents and a bag of chips for 99 cents. Bizarre. I know.

Next stop: Lollicup. A total change from obscure-borderline-suspicious store to over-commercialized-bright store where we got our usuals: Strawberry snow w/ boba for me and a taro slush for my friend. Oh and fries.

Then we hit the plaza. Where there the real Chinatown is. Apparently, old Chinese gangsters still hang out there (according to my dad) but still, we had fun. I was actually able to buy an umbrella for $4, a masquerade mask for $1 and four bracelets for $2. Crazy.

My umbrella, as my camera is still screwing with me (aka: broken), I'll show you a (not really) to-scale image. Think bigger and brighter.

As for the mask, something extremely similar to this

My friend and I actually had quite a bit of fun with our masks. I was Prince Javier (insert gross throat noise at the end) and she was Princess Ishabel (insert another grosser throat noise at the end). I have a feeling the people in Chinatown thought we were weird. Not that we blame them.

Oh! We also got AMAZING PLASTIC BUBBLE BLOWING KITS ($1 each) and had so much freaking fun with it.

We blew some bubbles and offered them to whoever passed by. A few people took them with a smile that said "Oh-you're-so-cute-but-I'll-take-this-just-to-make-you-go-away." But it's still all cool.

Us and our gorgeous umbrellas
On Ishabel-ack: Hollister tshirt, unknown jeans
On Javier-ack: Old Navy tank, Apostrophe shirt, Charlotte Russe belt, Anchor Blue jeans
On both: Chinatown umbrellas

{ umbrella; iStockPhoto // mask; Dallas Vintage Shop // bubbles; Online Science Mall }

Saturday, April 09, 2011

You're from a whole other world, a different dimension...

Oh wow. What a whirlwind week (just like nearly every week before it). And no, I'm not talking about glamorous weeks where I jet-set off to Paris or New York to watch some obscure-yet-well-lusted-after fashion show or where I'm extended several invitations to open up my own design line with another obscure-yet-well-lusted-after brand or to pose for a magazine shoot. Nah, I had a more down-key-whirlwind kind of week.

Let's break it down...
Monday: Softball game (oh gosh... I can't even begin describing just how hot it was...)
Tuesday: Rehearsal for a graduation tryout in which I'm to sing...oh the horror
Wednesday: Another softball game...oddly enough, it was so freaking cold
Thursday: Eye appointment (guess what my numbers are? I have a minus 650 right now. OH GEEK.)
Well, besides that. I had a dance to attend (again, not something glamorous-yet-obscure dance, a simple, dorky school dance) and I had my graduation tryout and I had to present a science project. But hey, I have some pictures to show you from the dance. Oh so glamourous.

Anyways, I guess I'll be starting this weekly thing (as a whole bunch of other glam-and-successful bloggers do) where I'll post up my style "inspiration/muse" for the week.

This week, who else, but the ever so bold Katy Perry

Because everyone wants to live in a miniature world surveyed by a perverted dude, bouncing around with cupcake boobs

Did we forget to mention? Katy's taking over California and making it into a Candyland.

Redefining the meaning of "lucky duck"

{ all images from }

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Complete Blog Overhaul... BYOT

CWARNING: This blog has undergone major construction and excavation. If you wish to help, please bring your own tools.

It's true! It's final! I've changed the blog name and blog URL (sorry if you were staring at the computer confused at the new link). We are now officially Jill sans Jack. Thought it was witty and eye-catching, no?

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Past Images

I've recently been taking pictures using my iPod and cell phone (cell phone images to come later, I'm still working on the crappy quality...) and I've actually been posting up my iPod images to my Instagram. And I've decided to post a few of my more favorite ones up, kinda like a flashback. And speaking on flashbacks, I have a few images from the past to share with you...

Claire's necklace, Forever 21 shirt, Banana Republic skirt

Forever 21 dress, thrifted belt, Charlotte Russe (purple) tights

At the Teen Vogue Haute spot, opening day, Bloomingdale's Wing at the South Coast Plaza in the Costa Mesa Mall. The Ralph Lauren suit and dress combo was something I'm positively lusting after right now.

Just two stores I experienced while in Pasadena.

A really old image, back when I still had long hair
Charlotte Russe jacket, Old Navy cami, thrifted shirt, gifted belt, Aeropostale shorts, Children's Place leggings, gifted boots from Hong Kong

Another one from when I still had long hair
Claire's necklace, Hot Topic suspenders, Forever 21 shirt, Anchor Blue jeans

And last flashback!
Stolen from the theater glasses, Banana Republic shirt, Charlotte Russe vest, Aeropostale shorts