Wednesday, February 23, 2011

don't give me that crap

Who says that uniforms = conformation & a total snoozefest? Not me. The uniform itself is a snooze and a total "must-lose" but as I'm typing this to you, I'm wearing a maroon polo shirt (one button unbuttoned, that's me, the envelope-pusher!) and a pleated, knee-length navy blue skirt (standard uniform code for junior high girls at my school) ... with striped knee high socks, plaid Converse, a pair of black fingerless gloves with chains and over-sized sequins, four rings (two on my left index finger and the other two on my right ring finger), and a gigantic bow with chains and rhinestones. And did I get in trouble? No.

Obviously, I don't suggest you Catholic school girls doing this and getting in trouble because of this blog post or any other private-school attender or if you attend a school with a strict uniform code. I'm completely against the whole "discreet" code of uniform at my school, but I spiced my day up. And besides, we're eighth graders, we deserve the mercy judging of uniform after all those years of nonstop homework and studying.

sorry bout the bad quality...and no, i use a bigger backpack for school...this one i bring just because it's pretty 
uniform maroon polo shirt, navy blue pleated uniform skirt, Target socks, Hot Topic bow, Aeropostale rings, Claire's gloves, Converse

Speaking of which, I have a science fair project, speech that needs practicing, a history game board that needs designing, a Spanish skit that needs translating, and another Spanish video that needs editing to attend to.

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