Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rainy Day Fun/Boredom...

last night:
...take your pick. It's mostly boredom for me, internet/Twitter-stalking designers, stylists, magazines, and various others and, of course, clothes. In the process of digging up an old shirt for dinner with parents, I just about took every single piece of clothing off of its proper hanger and tossed them on the floor. Lovely image, no? Anyways, this was last night, so the product of hours of messiness + cleaning up was this simple outfit. Which my mother professed to be weird - then added that it worked as a side note.

Hollister thermal shirt, Charlotte Russe vest, Papaya necklace, Refuge jeans, Claire's bracelet
All this rain was getting to my head, so I went out exploring thrift shops (with parent in tow, of course), and came back with a military-ish green backpack that is currently now being adorned with various pins and patches obtained through my mom's jewelry box and my enormous pin collection. Of course, there are all those Girl Scout patches I never bothered to sew onto my vest from 3rd grade...

And I also came back with a pair of shoes for my dinner dance (to match with the simple, appropriate 13-year-old version of a LBD) as I waited out the rain in a store.

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