Sunday, February 20, 2011

plaid is SO overrated

says the girl who's wearing plaid at the moment.

Whew. For a second there, my camera gave me a scare. As I moved my photos to my desktop, I accidentally closed the window, got distracted by a shiny set on Polyvore, and promptly freaked out. When my dad came to help after I screamed, I realized that I had just closed out the window and, in fact, did not accidentally delete all my hard-taken photos. Yes, it's hard to balance on the head of my bed (rhyme!) and pose in 10-seconds as the self-timer begins to tick. And it took about a whole hour to produce these three photos (one of which is not taken in dangerous situations), but they turned out to be favorites of mine (out of all other pictures I've taken before). Actually, the second picture was taken just as I fell off...curse my lack of balance! (I actually did wear this outfit before - to church, I know, not so traditional - but never took a picture. So I did. Today.)

These were edited using Microsoft Office Picture Manager (came with my laptop) and taken with my same-old, trusty Nikon S8100, slightly-broken tripod, and a handy self-timer. And yes, I'm wearing two different (fingerless, obviously) gloves. One's a purple, mesh one (on the left hand) and the other one's a black one with sequins sewed on and two chains.

Plaid Forever 21 shirt, gray Forever 21 shirt underneath, Papaya necklace, Anchor Blue jeans, two separate pairs of Claire's gloves

And hope all you people are enjoying the cold weather! (I'm not...I'm a summer girl, Mr. Sunshine is my best friend, along with Mrs. Sunscreen, how else do I keep my fair - coughcoughPALEcoughcough - complexion? Besides I hate wearing thick jackets or coats, you can't really do anything about with it, you can't decorate it as much as you can with just shirts and bottoms...but that's just me.)

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