Sunday, February 27, 2011

난 괴물이 모든 것을 할 싶어!

Yes. Korean. Once you start listening to the bands...there's no turning back! One song from B2ST is all it took to get me hooked onto "Beautiful" and Lee Gi Kwang and various other Korean bands/artists (SNSD,, etc. etc.)

Anyways, that's besides the point. Well, not really. This blog is about style, right? I love Korean style...oh. Off topic again. Back to the circle (like my Geometry teacher says). My title says "I freaking want to do everything." Yes. Let's list my dreams...

1) to be a super-nice teacher and to give my kids recess all the time (I thought this up in kindergarten)
2) to succeed in guitar. Which isn't happening anytime soon.
3) to lead a supa fly band that can dance and sing awesomely (like SNSD). Nope. Not happening either.
4) to get into the front row of a Fashion Week show. That's gonna happen. Sooner or later.
5) to be valedictorian on my class. Eh...I'm working on it.
6) to be an uber-awesome photographer...I'm not getting one of those fancy cameras though...
7) to be unafraid of spiders and various other creepy-crawlies. My first reaction when I come across a bug: "OH MY GOD! THERE'S A BUG IN FRONT OF ME! GO SMUSH IT BEN! SMUSH IT! SMUUUUUSSSHHHH IIIITTTTTTTTTTT!" (Ben's my 10-year-old brother. How sad is that? He can smush a bug, but I can't? HEY. I just smushed one by stomping on it with my supa-clunky boots. Does that count?)

But after all, one really can't go around giving kids recess while playing guitar and singing in front of ten million screaming fans while jetting around to world to sit in that coveted front row while also working on her ph.D and taking pictures and getting awards for the pictures and at the same time, fearlessly tromp on any bug in my path. I can work on it, though...

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