Thursday, March 03, 2011

Fashion Week - London 2011!

And the favorite designer of the week...Temperley London (ha. what a coincidence)

I just love the old-style glamor some of the outfits radiate, the basic, down-to-earth style of others, and how the outfits just scream "complex" and "fun". Favorite designs of mine... (all images from LA Times)

More interesting designs that really caught my eye

Paul Costelloe
(very Lady Gaga-like, but more subdued)

(I didn't exactly enjoy the rest of the collection as much as this dress because it was really predictable, but when I saw this, my mouth dropped to the ground. This is mysterious, elegant, and GORGEOUS)

Irwin & Jordan
(Snuggie with a hood...I want to try that)

Eun Jeong

(very Lady Gaga-esque)

Kinder Aggugini
(the hats caught my eye - for the hatted (?) ones)


  1. seems you picked out the goodies.. very interesting choices, rather than more conventional ones.. I'm nuts about Eun Jeung's collection.. stay cool

  2. Temperley London's collection was my favorite, as well. It was just really interesting to look at, and I really enjoyed how classique all of the looks were! Very feminine and elegant.

    Great choices! Specially the hoody one! Looks absolutely adorable ; u ;

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  3. I love the third Temperly London dress with the shiny-ness and beading. The Irwin & Jordan "snuggie" is a bit like a gray version of Little Red Riding Hood's cloak.