Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Sans Souci denim shirt, Claire's gloves, Forever 21 leggings, and Anne Michelle heels

This one's two days late, my crappy camera wasn't working with me...and sorry about the weird expression on my face, I think I was in the middle of a face when the self-timer went off.

Sunday was a cold day so I wore a denim shirt over a metallic skirt. Lovely, huh? That's why this is called Miss-matched. Mismatched, get it?

When I was posting this up, I was actually pretty surprised I didn't wear accessories that day. I usually wear necklaces or bracelets or rings (yes, even with my uniform)

And I really liked my makeup for that day (no close-ups, though). I wore Santee metallic-ish light green eyeshadow with a tad bit of eyeliner on the top lid.

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