Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chinatown and what lies within it...

Oh Chinatown. Once you've visited it, there's no going back.

And what kind of an Asian am I, without ever having really visited Chinatown? Today, I decided to take a self-declared break and go on a "Chinatown adventure" with a couple of friends.

First stop: an obscure candy shop where we got a pack of gum for 39 cents and a bag of chips for 99 cents. Bizarre. I know.

Next stop: Lollicup. A total change from obscure-borderline-suspicious store to over-commercialized-bright store where we got our usuals: Strawberry snow w/ boba for me and a taro slush for my friend. Oh and fries.

Then we hit the plaza. Where there the real Chinatown is. Apparently, old Chinese gangsters still hang out there (according to my dad) but still, we had fun. I was actually able to buy an umbrella for $4, a masquerade mask for $1 and four bracelets for $2. Crazy.

My umbrella, as my camera is still screwing with me (aka: broken), I'll show you a (not really) to-scale image. Think bigger and brighter.

As for the mask, something extremely similar to this

My friend and I actually had quite a bit of fun with our masks. I was Prince Javier (insert gross throat noise at the end) and she was Princess Ishabel (insert another grosser throat noise at the end). I have a feeling the people in Chinatown thought we were weird. Not that we blame them.

Oh! We also got AMAZING PLASTIC BUBBLE BLOWING KITS ($1 each) and had so much freaking fun with it.

We blew some bubbles and offered them to whoever passed by. A few people took them with a smile that said "Oh-you're-so-cute-but-I'll-take-this-just-to-make-you-go-away." But it's still all cool.

Us and our gorgeous umbrellas
On Ishabel-ack: Hollister tshirt, unknown jeans
On Javier-ack: Old Navy tank, Apostrophe shirt, Charlotte Russe belt, Anchor Blue jeans
On both: Chinatown umbrellas

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