Saturday, April 09, 2011

You're from a whole other world, a different dimension...

Oh wow. What a whirlwind week (just like nearly every week before it). And no, I'm not talking about glamorous weeks where I jet-set off to Paris or New York to watch some obscure-yet-well-lusted-after fashion show or where I'm extended several invitations to open up my own design line with another obscure-yet-well-lusted-after brand or to pose for a magazine shoot. Nah, I had a more down-key-whirlwind kind of week.

Let's break it down...
Monday: Softball game (oh gosh... I can't even begin describing just how hot it was...)
Tuesday: Rehearsal for a graduation tryout in which I'm to sing...oh the horror
Wednesday: Another softball game...oddly enough, it was so freaking cold
Thursday: Eye appointment (guess what my numbers are? I have a minus 650 right now. OH GEEK.)
Well, besides that. I had a dance to attend (again, not something glamorous-yet-obscure dance, a simple, dorky school dance) and I had my graduation tryout and I had to present a science project. But hey, I have some pictures to show you from the dance. Oh so glamourous.

Anyways, I guess I'll be starting this weekly thing (as a whole bunch of other glam-and-successful bloggers do) where I'll post up my style "inspiration/muse" for the week.

This week, who else, but the ever so bold Katy Perry

Because everyone wants to live in a miniature world surveyed by a perverted dude, bouncing around with cupcake boobs

Did we forget to mention? Katy's taking over California and making it into a Candyland.

Redefining the meaning of "lucky duck"

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