Sunday, April 03, 2011

Past Images

I've recently been taking pictures using my iPod and cell phone (cell phone images to come later, I'm still working on the crappy quality...) and I've actually been posting up my iPod images to my Instagram. And I've decided to post a few of my more favorite ones up, kinda like a flashback. And speaking on flashbacks, I have a few images from the past to share with you...

Claire's necklace, Forever 21 shirt, Banana Republic skirt

Forever 21 dress, thrifted belt, Charlotte Russe (purple) tights

At the Teen Vogue Haute spot, opening day, Bloomingdale's Wing at the South Coast Plaza in the Costa Mesa Mall. The Ralph Lauren suit and dress combo was something I'm positively lusting after right now.

Just two stores I experienced while in Pasadena.

A really old image, back when I still had long hair
Charlotte Russe jacket, Old Navy cami, thrifted shirt, gifted belt, Aeropostale shorts, Children's Place leggings, gifted boots from Hong Kong

Another one from when I still had long hair
Claire's necklace, Hot Topic suspenders, Forever 21 shirt, Anchor Blue jeans

And last flashback!
Stolen from the theater glasses, Banana Republic shirt, Charlotte Russe vest, Aeropostale shorts

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