Thursday, April 14, 2011

Webby Award!

Colour Lovers by jillsansjack

Colour Lovers, a photo by jillsansjack on Flickr.
No, not for me. Not yet at least (maybe I'll get one later... just maybe)

Buut... here! A link. OH MY GOSH A LINK.


Vote for COLOURlovers just because you want to vote for something other than Twitter.

Kidding. No. Vote for them because the site's amazing and you will not believe just how many times I've been to that site, looking for images, looking for color palettes. AND I'm still using the site to redecorate the site (which I'm still doing...despite promising myself that I was done)

And if that's not enough to convince you, I'll bring up a few images from the site that really got me. Some may not be from the users, but they put together palettes from the images and it really strikes me as a hardworking community. (look above for images)


Oh and quick note: I just received those pictures from Friday! (yeah... you might wanna see this post to know why my pictures are always so late... silly me)

Image credits
Balloon Wedding Invite
Cool Living Room

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