Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UGH. get an original style, can't you?

Alright, so it's a tad bit early to see whether it's really a copycat or not, but STRAPHANGER WARNING! (read Robyn Schneider's Social Climber's Guide to High School to understand the lingo)

This girl in my school, named C here to stand for "copycatting b***h" and to protect me from any angry possible suing parents, has been copying ... ME. Okay, so I'm flattered, in all the wrong ways possible, wear knee socks for all I care, wear Aeropostale sweaters for all I care, but don't wear the ones that I have all the freaking time, right? Those striped knee socks (first mentioned here, first bought in January) that I got from Target? Oh yeah. C just got them this month. That Aeropostale sweater (first mentioned here, first bought in November) that I got from the outlet? OH YEAH. C got them this month as well. And she's mentioned that she also wants short hair (uh, I cut mine in February) WITH bangs (HEY. I have bangs!)

Maybe I'm just assuming things, but it seems a tad bit suspicious that she has all these things like me. If you just had that Aeropostale sweater & you wore it once, then alright. It's Aeropostale. But after I wear it a million times at school (for a whole week straight, all five days) then C does it, oooh. Suspicion. As well as my socks. Knee socks... Target is overcommercialized and I can understand if you have the same pair, but with the same sweater as me and wanting the same haircut?

And that's not all! My (ex) boyfriend too! I've recently seen her flirting and touching (think clean) my (ex) boyfriend. And I know she knows we were together last year.

I've got my eye on you girl.

edit: just to those who are wondering about my sanity, just know, I'm 14 and I'm insane (if Clarisse McClellan says 17-year-olds are crazy then 14-year-olds are plain old insane. Sorry. Nerdy reference to the best book of all books)

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